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Establish Sleep Routine for Your Child

Sleep is an essential part of physiology that we all must ensure to get enough of. Sleep is important for the body you repair and recharge itself. Sleep in children is even more important because it plays an important role in brain development.


Creating a sleep routine for your child is necessary to ensure that your child gets the good-quality sleep they need to function and develop healthily. The following are some ways you can help your child develop a sleep routine.


Start Early

The earlier you start your child on a sleep routine, the more likely you are to succeed and the likelier this routine will be maintained for years to come.



Set a bedtime for your child ensuring that the amount of sleep they would get is not less or more than the recommended amount for their age. Make sure the child sticks to their bedtime every night.


Sleep Habits

Encourage your child to follow bedtime habits that will help solidify bedtime. These habits should be appropriate for your child's age. Such habits can include reading them a story, giving them a bath, or asking them to brush their teeth. A bedtime routine should be relaxing activities, and the whole routine should not take more than 15 minutes to complete.



Give your child a light snack an hour or so before their bedtime, so that hunger will not get in the way of your kid falling asleep.


Don’t Stay in the Room

If your child is young, they need to learn to fall asleep on their own to minimize waking up frequently at night. Put your child in bed when sleepy but not asleep yet. This can help your child


Favorite Toy

Give your child their favorite toy or blanket when you put them in bed. These comfort or security objects help your kids fall asleep faster and stay asleep.


Stimulating Activities

Avoid activities that stimulate the child close to their bedtime because stimulating the child in such a way will make it harder for them to go to bed and fall asleep.



Make sure to set up the right environment for your child to sleep in. You can set up the right environment by making the bed as comfortable as possible, dimming the lights, and ensuring the temperature in the room is not too warm or too cool for your child to sleep.

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